Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Books Galore Supports Writers' Circle Member

Vicky Earle, member of the Uxbridge Writers' Circle and author, is thrilled that her two novels in the Meg Sheppard Mystery Series are now available at Books Galore.
This is a great book store and Vicky recommends that readers check it out!
Books Galore
"Bill Minors is supporting new authors in the community," Earle says, "and I'm appreciative of the opportunity to have my books available in Bill's wonderful book store. There's something for everyone!"

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Doug Owen from DAOwen Publications will be our Guest in November!

We are excited that Doug Owen will be joining us at our next meeting!
 According to the website

I Animal"DAOwen Publications is a small press publishing company operating out of Goodwood, Ontario. We are a Canadian publisher that believes in bringing fantastic works of authors both know and unknown. 

Our process is simple, find amazing, well written manuscripts, edit them until they are perfect, and release them to the public. Authors receive as much support as possible along with information on how to help us market the work in order to reach the largest market possible.

We publish between eight and twelve books yearly and always enjoy receive any of our author's next novel, as several of them have done to this date.

Publications are available in both eBook and print. eBooks can be purchased from Amazon, or downloaded at your local library. Print books are distributed world wide and available through any retailer or online bookstore. We believe the author's voice is the most important part of our publications. That is why we work tirelessly with writers to bring out the story that will captivate you, the reader. From draft to final edited product, each story is polished to an amazing final product with the reader in mind. Nothing is complete until two editors have approved the final print."

Other links:

Doug will be with us for the first half of the meeting, from 1pm until 2pm at the Uxbridge Arena on Tuesday, November 6.
The meeting promisses to be an informative and interesting one! See you there.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Writers' Circle Member Holds Successful Book Launch!

I owe a big "thank you" to members of the Uxbridge Writers' Circle for providing me with encouragement and support along the way as I wrote and published my books.
It was exciting to launch my second book in the Meg Sheppard Mystery Series, Over Frank's Dead Body, at Blue Heron Books on October 13.
I also had the first book, What Happened to Frank?, for sale.
Several members of the Writers' Circle were able to attend and show their support, which I appreciated.
Blue Heron Books provided guidance and assistance which contributed to the success of the event.
The books will be available on-line from Blue Heron Books (they are available in the store now), and will on sale as e-books. I will keep you posted!
My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who attended the event and gave me encouragement along the way. Now I must focus on book three!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Don't Miss These Events!

These events are coming up fast! We don't want you to miss these great opportunities - hence the friendly reminder! And there is no attendance charge for any of them!

The regular meeting of the Uxbridge Writers' Circle is being held on Tuesday, October 2 at 1pm in the Uxbridge Arena, Boardroom 1. We are welcoming new members. If you're not sure, come anyway, and make your decision after having experienced a meeting.

Our special guest, Steve Burrows, is joining us for an evening meeting on Thursday, October 4 from 7.30pm until 9pm at the Blue Heron Studio. Steve has pursued his birdwatching hobby on six continents. The first Birder Murder Mystery, A Siege of Bitterns, won the 2015 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel. Steve lives with his wife, Resa, in Oshawa, Ontario. Join us!

And on Saturday, October 13, one of our members, Vicky Earle, will launch her second book in the Meg Sheppard Mystery Series. Reader, Bill Bell writes "Move over Hercules Poirot and Inspector Banks - there's a new sleuth in town!". She's looking forward to signing books and reading excerpts from 2pm to 4pm on October 13 at Blue Heron Books. See you there!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

What's Happening in October

Uxbridge Writers' Circle members are going to be busy in October. And you can join us!

We are looking for members. You can be a fledgling writer or a published author, or anything in between!

Come to our meeting on Tuesday, October 2 at 1pm at the Uxbridge Arena.
One of the activities members participate in, is our monthly "word challenge". We select the words one month, then at the next meeting we each read out our short story, poem, memoir or non-fiction piece (that incorporates all the words), and receive encouraging feedback from the other members.
The words for October are: satellite; chocolate; inhale; rental; emerge; landscape; pathetic; diminutive. Hope to see you there with your writing in hand!

On Thursday, October 4 we are holding a special meeting with author Steve Burrows as the guest of honour. We will be in the Blue Heron Studio from 7pm until 9pm. Check out his website: If  you're interested in attending, contact

On Saturday, October 13 I will be launching my second book in the Meg Sheppard mystery series at Blue Heron Books from 2pm until 4pm. You are invited! There is more information on my blog Vicky's Blog

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

You are invited!

Uxbridge Writers' Circle members invite you, a fellow writer, to join us for a special meeting with Steve Burrows on the evening of Thursday October 4. Steve is the successful local author of the Birder Murder Mystery series

Please contact me if you're interesting in attending:
Our next two regular monthly meetings are being held on Tuesday, September 4 and Tuesday, October 2 from 1pm until about 3pm in the Uxbridge Arena. Writers of all genres are invited and there are no fees.
Join us in the next word challenge! Each member writes a poem, short story, memoir piece or lyrics using the words that were selected the previous month. The words for September are: author; ramp; composer; daisy; spiral. 
Happy Writing!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

We Writers Never Stop! Next Meeting on August 7!

One of our members forwarded this photograph to stimulate some ideas! Members will either use it to create an opening sentence for a possible story, or for a full story or for our ten minute on-the-spot writing challenge which we participate in during some of our meetings.
We also have a word challenge this month. Members write a short story ahead of the meeting incorporating all of the words which were selected in the previous meeting, and read it out to the group.
This month's words are alive; scant; uncontrollable; skunk; topography; wince. 
Examples of previous word challenge stories are included in this blog. Check them out!